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Reduced Frustration with a Good Quality Bike Rack

Cycling proves to be an excellent way of transportation! As a cyclist you must keep searching for where you can store your bike safely. You may start searching for a cycle stand near a public place or at transit point or at your health center! Not finding one can be a real frustration. A bike rack is one of the simplest as well as economical ways to create a short-term parking solution. Bike racks are common in public or commercial areas while it can use indoor as well as outdoor for private parking too.Exceptional Bike Rack products deliver outstanding value and make a reasonable return to community, business,and individuals.

Essentials of bike rack

Bike racks manufactured by top-line manufactures are generally made with the best quality materials as well as best engineering design to meet the need of cyclist. An effective Bike Racks not only look nice but also meet different requirements such as

  • The bike frame and at least one wheel are secured with a lock.
  • Bike rack supports the standing of the cycle frame.
  • The bike wheel never tipped and hampered.
  • Bike rack allows some space on the side, front- as well as back.
  • It does not obstruct pedestrian traffic.
  • The bike rack can accommodate bikes of any shapes, sizes,and range.

Bike Racks

Designs of bike rack

Bike racks come in various styles and designs to meet the need of the cycling community.  Here are few general styles of bike racks that best suit the need of cyclists.

  • U-rack- A U-rack is in a reversed U-shape with its two points contact ground allows both the bike wheels to be secured. It is a reliable bike rack and commonly used in cities as it required minimal space for its installation.
  • Spiral rack- Spiral bike rack is in spiral formation are very effective and stylish with a great aesthetic appeal, it has a good amount of functional ability as it provides a safe locking area for multiple bikes in public areas.
  • Grid rack- Grid bicycle rack is consist of vertical bars connecting upper and lowers metal bars that never allow the wheel and frame of the bicycle to be unsecured. This can permit both sides of the rack to be used.
  • Innovative rack- focusing on modern designs innovative bike racks are designed by engineers to offer the maximum utility as well as style.

Materials for Bike rack

When it comes to material necessary for producing bike rack, it must cover few important principles such as durability, water-resistant, and it’s functional. Popular bike rack construction materials are stainless steel, Hot dip galvanized steel,and powder coated steel which are used by top producers. This not only enhances the overall appearance of the bike rack but also helps to endure harsh weather conditions and can be fitted to most surfaces.

Bike Racks

Better visibility

The need for visibility of Bike Rack is very essential. It should be such that a cyclist should be able to quickly identify bike racks when arriving at a destination. A highly engineered Bike Rack not only makes it easier for the cyclist but also reduces theft and damage.


Kings Bicycle Parking Australia began in 1996 with one primary objective to design and build maintenance free and durable Bike Racks using stainless steel, hot dip galvanized and powder coated steel as per Australian Standards. With years of experience and thousands of installations, we have established ourselves as an industry leader and preferred supplier not only in Australia but abroad as well. If you have any queries regarding our bike rack products, contact us online at

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